Kim Kardashian dress sense in question once again

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Returning from Coachella at the New York airport along with husband Kanye West earlier this morning,Kim Kardashian yet again grabs lamplight but this time for the biggest fashion faux pa she could ever pull. The celebrity was seen wearing a black evening gown on a similar color sports jacket.

But this was not all she also accessorized the look by adding a pair of black stilettos and fur stole draped around her shoulders.

Kim Kardashian has always been known for her bold and outright dressing sense but this time the experiment of taking smart casuals to the next level went horribly wrong. 

It was said that Kim Kardashian was coming back from her husband’s surprise performance in Coachella, when the media caught her wearing the most bizarre of her creations ever.

Even her husband Kanye West the famous player is known to experiment with his looks and styles and it seems that Kim is now following in his footsteps. 

Is It Going To Be The End For Brangelina?

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 Of late there has been a lot of rumours flying around about a possible divorce between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. There has been a lot of rumours about the reasons for them getting the divorce. 

There were many sources that stated that Brad Pitt decided it was high time he decided to end the relationship with such a jealous, insecure and mentally unstable woman. 

Other sources also stated that the reason might be the competitive careers of both of them and how they sometimes feel that their marriage might be tying them down. 

A latest news is that Brad Pitt might be cheating on his wife with the nanny and his co-star is what Angelina supposedly thinks. 

More than the fights and the other reasons, rumours like these are going to make the couple even more crazy. Whether it is the end for the cute couple who have been together for such a long time will only be answered by time.

Emily Ratajkowski keeping as busy as ever

Emily Ratajkowski

The ever charismatic and sensual Emily Ratajkowski or EmRata as she is popularly known, was spotted at the Coachella festival this weekend along with beau Jeff Magid. 

All set to host the PopSugar’s Sunset Kickoff Party in Palm Springs on Friday the 15th, she looked stunning in her elegant strapless blue and white dress. She was also seen ushering in the spring season with an afternoon of poolside partying, she adorned a charming 90s look. The stylish flowery pattern was sure to draw a lot of attention!

Emily Ratajkowski was one among many celebrities who attended the musical festival on the east coast. Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio were the notable few. It was indeed the perfect opportunity to soak up some sun and perfect their tans along the pool.

Emily Ratajkowski is known for her bold and brazen posts via her Instagram account. Adding to the ritual, EmRata shared a racy picture showing off her flawless figure on Friday. She is sure to draw a lot of envy as well as awe from her admirers!She is indeed keeping her fans on their toes!

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